Sex, intimacy, and relationship counseling

Good Sex is Healthy ,
  and Healthy is Sexy!

Sex, intimacy and relationship counseling

Good sex is healthy and healthy is sexy.

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Personalized Counseling with Support, Compassion, and Affirmation

The most common questions my clients have are: Am I normal? Do other people do this? Am I going to be okay? Your concerns are valid and you deserve the help you need to get through them. I’ll match your efforts step-by-step and help you through the tough, vulnerable stuff. Let’s find the answers that will help you trust your own feelings and find your voice again.

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Shanna Monahan, M.A. LPC-S

I see clients from so many different walks of life, and a wide variety of issues. Whether they're on their own, or in a couple, I commonly work with people on sexual dysfunction, kink/fetishes, consensual non-monogamy, desire discrepancies (where one person wants more/different sex than the other), sexual trauma, relationship problems, gender identity issues, and infidelity recovery. Whatever the particular details may be, clients tell me they feel like they’re trapped, that their problems will never change, but that they desperately need them to. And I help them see that change may be scary or difficult, but that it is possible.

With more than a decade of experience in private practice alone, I bring insight with no judgment and complete honesty. There’s no shaming, and no agenda. All I want to do is help you achieve your goals so you can live a happier, more satisfied life.

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What is the fastest way to get an appointment?

The best and fastest way to secure your appointment is with a simple phone call. My answering service is always ready to help you get started with either in-person sessions or virtual sessions. Don't worry- you won't have to answer a bunch of embarrassing questions, and all your information will still be completely confidential. Contacting my office via email cannot guarantee a response.

How will I pay for my sessions?

You can pay for a session with cash or check, but you must keep valid credit information securely on file. I do not process insurance claims directly but I can provide receipts for reimbursement should you seek to file your claims yourself.  Please check your coverage carefully, but understand that even after your benefits have been explained to you, your insurance company may deny your coverage for many confusing reasons, without warning.

What is a typical sex therapy session like?

Each session is an hour long. We talk about the issues you want help with, I will ask clarifying questions, and we will define the goals for treatment. Sometimes there will be homework, suggestions, or additional resources given. The only physical part will be us discussing physical sensations or issues, but there will never be any touching. Crying can happen, and I don't mind it at all. But little by little, we will be moving you towards the goals you define.

Will I need to bring my partner?

Sex therapy is for everyone. You don't even need to currently be in a relationship or seeking one to benefit from sex therapy. But if you are in a partnership, there may be a point where including them in a session, or in on-going therapy, might be beneficial for making greater progress. It's not 'required' but if both people are up for it, it can be a beautiful thing for each person and the relationship itself. Similarly, I can also communicate with other health care providers so that you can achieve the best results.

What some of my clients have said about working with me...


“Shanna interacts with the compassion of a friend, yet the training and experience of a professional. She helped me immensely to navigate through several relationship issues, offering new ways of approaching them in a constructive way.”

Ashley J.


"Shanna does an amazing job. She is very professional and genuinely cares about her clients and what they are going through. She presents a very comfortable setting where it's easy to go over what issues you are facing. Her insight and personal skill sets are without doubt the best.

I would recommend her to anyone seeking some help or understanding with such personal issues."

Brett E.


"Shanna is an intelligent and thoughtful therapist who will really listen to your concerns. She is fun and full of positive energy, and has helped so many people improve their lives. I recommend her highly!!"

Samuel A.


"Shanna is the best. We came here for some issues we had regarding our sex life. Shanna listened to both sides, and provided us with excellent ways of compromising. Our relationship has never been better. If you are experiencing any type of issue, you owe it to yourself to visit with Shanna."

Nima Z.

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