January 8, 2020

Please be honest... how much does size matter?

In today's Ask The Sexpert, we tackle the age old question, "Does penis size really matter?"

"Hello Shanna, I just want to be able to please women I meet. I have a small wang. Kinda thick, but not long. How much is this a deal breaker for women? How do you please a GIRLFRIEND/WIFE CONSISTENTLY with it? any help would be appreciated, thank you! -J-"

Hey J-

Okay, first of all, there are two groups of women- women who don't care about size, and those who do. The majority of women don't care about size, IF they can still consistently orgasm with their partner, and often a large dick isn't needed for that. Often the women who fixate on size have either had amazing sex once with a larger guy, so they just automatically assume it's because of the size, or they like a larger dick for the psychological factor (how they think about being fucked by a larger dick).

So to answer one question, yeah, some women DO actually care. These women may not be for you. But many more women care about the individual experience of fucking YOU. In that aspect, I can give you a few tips:

1. Make sure your oral/finger game is TIGHT. Finely hone your pleasure skills with your fingers, mouth, and possibly toys so that you can confidently say that you will always be able to please your partners.

2. Learn to be multi-dimensional with your lovemaking. If you have your penis in her, use your hands and mouth to hit every other available sensitive area- ear, neck, breasts, clit and/or asshole. This will greatly increase her overall stimulation and can make up for anything she may not feel from just penetration.

3. Work the angles. A lot of a woman's pleasure during sex hinges simply on the geometry of how your bodies align, not just how deep inside her you can get. Use positions that rub your pelvis against hers, hitting her clit, rather than pounding positions, like doggie style or reverse cowgirl. Use furniture, pillows, or wedges like

to best position you both for maximum pleasure!

I hope these tips help you, and on a final, happy note. I'll remind you that smaller dicks are much easier to blow, so hopefully you'll find a lady who will enjoy doing that for you and returning the favor!

As always, remember, Good sex is healthy, and healthy is sexy!

Shanna Monahan, M.A. LPC-S

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